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First major with Practiscore - worked almost great


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Overall we, and the shooters - were very happy

It maybe I have done something incorrect here , I want to double check

match was 9 stages , 12 squads, squads(& RO's) were told shooting order would be the way it was on the Nook

worked great for about 7-8 of the 12 squads. Problem was

A few squads had a different order on every stage :wacko:

We toldthe RO's not to make any changes on the Nooks.(and some RO's had limited PS experience so I doubt they were monkeying around that far out of bounds) NEVER know, but there were NO other issues so. . . . . .

And if a few specific RO's had wouldn't it have affected all squads on their stage?

All Nooks were syn'd at the same time off the same master

On the SORT; set order screen; NONE is checked on all Nooks

What else am I missing?

Also is there going to be an update for the Nook that will allow a custom shooting order?

We have quite a few(especially family's) that share gear, it would sure be nice to be able to put 2 shooters between them from the get-go, instead of them always arranging it with the RO's

Other than that one little glitch, I think we converted quite a few who were skeptical about electronic scoring :)

ETA; there MAY have been more, or ALL squads, but only a few said anything

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Nothing beats the good old squad shooting order on the back of the target... :D

As for the order... I'd recommend to use "Random" order instead of "None". The former is pre-defined and synced across devices (to be the same randomized order everywhere) and the latter is just "as is" order, so it is not really predictable one.

What you probably looking for is sorting by the registration time, i.e. when shooter been added to the match. Unfortunately if online registration was used, creation time may not be usable.

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Thanks , that sounds like that may have been the problem.

What I'd like would be - the ability to reorder the shooting order according to the squad preference - they give me the order - a few clicks or drag/drop - it shows up on the Nook in that order

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