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Fort Wayne Rifle and Revolver Monthly Matches

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I just finished the first match of the year at FWRR. A little snow, a little ice, lots of mud, good squad mates, great stages. What a way to start the 2015 shooting season. I had to knock off a lot of rust and deal with some gun issues I have never experienced before, but had an excellent time. This is my second time at FWRR and both times I have left satisfied. The matches run on time, they have fun, challenging stages and everyone I have shot with is friendly and has pulled their own weight. There is no screwing around and the matche gets done at a reasonable time. If you within 2hrs of the club I highly recommend their monthly matches. You wont be sorry you made the trip.

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Thanks for the kind words!

We have a good crew helping to build stages, so we get good design variety and lots of effort goes into each stage.

Of course, we're always learning and never perfect, but we try to put on a good match.

Hope to see you this weekend.

-rvb (Match Director)

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