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Good morning from NC!


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I have lurked for years and finally regged an account. I live and work in the Piedmont Triad, but grew up in "downstate" New York.

Reading the zen subforum has been a significant help, both with shooting and other things. I find that I get away from the center sometimes and lose sight of the fact that I should Just Shoot or Just Work or Just Be, so maybe posting once in a while will help me keep myself honest. Things (in all areas of my life) just seem to be more lubricated when I stop and remember to turn the light around.

I am currently shooting a Glock 34 and a PPQ, and carrying the PPQ and a Glock 26 (none of them very well, but I can at least keep the 26 straight-ish).

Thanks to everyone who has helped me over the last few years with advice, unbeknownst to them. The depth of knowledge people just share freely here is truly humbling.

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