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Glock spring in 1911


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A while back I contacted Wilson Combat about their new flat wire RS. Since I have a .38 super a 16-17# spring doesn't make sense. So I asked about lighter springs. The guy at WC said to use a Glock 17 recoil spring with their flat wire RS guide. Right now I using a 9# RS for my minor PF loads along with a Dawson aluminum spring guide which is working well.

No real reason to change, just curious. Anybody using/used a Glock spring in a 1911?

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Yes. I use glock flat wire springs in my

Sig 1911. It comes from the factory with flat

springs. The guide rod is a .250 OD and would

need to get replaced with a standard G.I.

guide rod in order to use standard springs.

I ordered my springs through Brownells.

I couldn't tell any difference either comparing them

to regular springs. It's just what works for me.

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