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  1. Thanks. Nice Shepard. I have a few small items I want for it if my 627 sells. High grip safety, dawson F/O sight. I like the mag well as is. Waiting on phoenix trinity to do a run on their ambi-safety with slide guards.
  2. My Sig 1911 tac-ops with VZ op2 grips, 10-8 rear and slicked up trigger. Higher grip safety is next.
  3. Yes. I use glock flat wire springs in my Sig 1911. It comes from the factory with flat springs. The guide rod is a .250 OD and would need to get replaced with a standard G.I. guide rod in order to use standard springs. I ordered my springs through Brownells. I couldn't tell any difference either comparing them to regular springs. It's just what works for me.
  4. My 627 with LPA rear sight.
  5. Me. But I use tkcustom moonclips with federal brass. The clip itself is .025 thick and made of stainless. I am still practicing my reloads and starting out but have been running this setup for a couple years and Haven't had any problems.
  6. I wish there was some ppc in Ohio. I love those old ppc style revolvers. Sighhhh.....
  7. "Stay busy in life, it's harder to hit a moving target." --I tell myself this when I feel tired, lazy or unmotivated.
  8. Perfect, not to many cuts and simple. Searching for my limited purchase. One of gans guns is on my list.
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