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Seeing Interesting "Classics" at a Gun Shop


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BigDave and I went to a shop in Greenwood today, and I spotted an old classic in the display case ... an HK P9! I've read about them, but I never saw one in person. It had an oddly mushy, but light trigger pull, but the initial trigger pull was signifiantly heavier. This was one of the early striker fired guns that worked really well from what I've read, and I can see how it would be a good shooter.

Some day I want to see one in .45ACP. Those I know who owned them in the past raved about their accuracy!

We also saw an interesting new brand called "Nighthawk" out of Berryville, Arkansas. The gunstore guy told us it was a new shop of former Wilson employees and the examples we saw were fitted very, very nicely. In fact, I've never seen a Wilson gun that was built as well as these, at least from the kind of inspection we were allowed. I have no idea how they shoot, but I'd bet pretty well.

The guns we saw were built primarily with STI frames and parts and they were rock solid.

We also saw an M1A "SOCCOM" with a spiffy telescoping wire stock with an integral multi rail system/freefloat foreend, and a Leupold Mk 4. It was very nice ...

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