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SJC Titan Comp Simulation Video

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Here is another simulation I just finished on the SJC Titan compensator, a big thanks to waktasz for sending one out to me.

SJC Titan Simulation video

I was kind of surprised in that the port design was a lot more complex than I was expecting. As you can see in the graph below it has the best simulated recoil reduction so far, but it also has the lowest down force. Because of its smaller port design the last port actually gets some use.

From talking to people that use this comp the consensus is that it works great but is extremely loud. You also need to keep up on the cleaning because it builds up carbon deposits very quickly and starts to effect accuracy, one person actually started to get their bullets tumbling.



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After hearing you say this was being ran over the weekend I've been looking forward to seeing the results. I need a new comp dor this year, mine is getting a little beat up.

In your opinion, what would increase the downforce? I've never really looked at the comp to see where all the holes come together but in the simulation, it looks like the top ports are somewhat in the middle of the horizontal ports. Would moving the vertical ports to the rear more help?

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The Titan does have the lowest down force but that doesn't necessarily mean that it needs more of it, it could work perfectly the way it is depending on your setup.

But if you feel like you need more down force the first thing I would try is to open the fist hole (closest to the muzzle) a little. I wouldn't make the hole bigger than the hole its connecting into, so around 0.25" max. Opening up the second hole won't do much.

Then if you really want to increase it some more, you could add a small hole in the location marked in red, and work the hole size up from there. Just be careful and check twice before drilling, the picture does not show the gap between the muzzle and the compensator so you don't have as much room to work with as it looks.


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