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New HG targets

Dead Buff

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As sparked by another thread....

What is the general feeling on including the A4/ANSI A and A3/ANSI B targets in the HG rules?

Rifle and SG use them in addition to the classic/metric and they may be used in combination with the classic/metric on the same CoF (IPSC rules). See www.ipsc.org for the diagrams in the Rifle and SG rules.

Will there be a real benefit shooting or money wise? Will it make the CoF's more challenging/interesting? What would they simulate (if they even may do that)?

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Frankly, I can't get too excited about them for Handgun matches. They certainly serve Shotgun well, because you can quickly and easily overlay another cheap piece of paper on the target instead of trying to patch a bunch of holes but, as far as I can determine, they're not that popular at Rifle matches.

What are your reasons for proposing them for Handgun?

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Cost saving and variety...but mainly to find out if anyone would be interested in using them and if, under what circumstances and for what purpose/scenario. Maybe some new ideas might be created by adding this simple target.

I have not used them in rifle matches yet. We've got a tournament coming up in Feb '05 - maybe I'll add them to see what the general feeling is.

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