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bullet stuck in barrel

Robert McMahan

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I'm pretty new to pistol shooting and this is a first for me. I've got a bullet lodged in the back end of the barrel of my Glock 35, a 40 cal. Man I feel like God's hand was on me when I didn't fire another round, as green as I am. I tried to push it back out the way it went in since it was closer to the breech end with no success so I stopped and thought I'd better get some advice. The cartridges were reloads.

3 questions:

1. How do I get the bullet out.

2. Will my barrel be damaged and can I go ahead and shoot it once I get it out?

3. What caused this?

Thanks, Robert.

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In order:

1. Use a aluminum rod or worst case a cleaning rod. Put the rod down the muzzle and using a hammer knock the bullet out.

2. This has happaned to most reloaders once or twice. This should not affect your barrel and you can continue to shoot the gun after.

3. One of two things either no powder in the case or too little powder in the case.

Hope that helps.

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Robert, I sometimes get too lazy to disassemble that "questionable" can of bullets that most reloaders eventually amass. (Why pull a bullet when I can just pull a trigger?) So, quite often I just shoot them. And quite often, they do get stuck in the barrel. Not such a bad thing when you are expecting it. Anyways, just keep a brass squibb rod and a small mallet in your range bag.

Probably was the hand of God, though . A man of strong faith often seems reckless to the unbeliever. B)

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Sometimes they can be really stubborn. I've had 3. The first 2 came right out, the third required a hammer. Usually, you can take the barrel out of the gun, then put the squib rod in the barrel and tap it once on the floor and they pop right out.

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