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  1. .40AET

    Mag gauges

    I had my 170mm mag checked last year at the Summer Blast. After the range is clear was issued I was asked to by the RO to see my mag. Out came the gauge and it was checked. I have a gauge, so I know all of my mags are legal. Find a friend with a gauge and get them checked.
  2. Do yourself a favor. When you load up 300 for the first major match, make an extra 100 and keep them. Every once in a while I pop 5 across the chrono to see what they look like. After 2+ years of shooting open, the bullets that made 169.5PF at A8 in 2006, still make 169.5PF on my chrono. If I get some wierdo readings, I just pull out that load and check a couple to see where I am. It gives you a nice baseline.
  3. Hey Pete- I picked up one last year from Tromix. It is an absolute, ton of fun to shoot. Everyone who has tried it hands it back with a big grin. It's a shame that Tony is backed up for 2 years. His work is fantastic. Atlantic Arms and Red Jacket get some stuff now and then. You can always do the work yourself. It's not as easy as working on an AR, but I've seen some nice home brew conversions. I don't know about the best choice for Open, but it's more fun to shoot. For me, shooting is about fun.
  4. Your PF "should" have gone up. Something is not exactly the same. Unless you have the same lot of powder and primers as the sell and live in the same part of the country, you don't have the "exact load" that the seller quoted. Lot to lot in powder or primers can swing 4 PF. Add the two and you have your 8PF deficiency. As mentioned, your fortunate that it didn't go to 200 or worse. I only trust very close friends for load data. I'd back any other load down by 10% and work back up. Be careful shortening the OAL without backing down the load. Good luck
  5. I had my Open gun built 3 years ago. The gunsmith cut a small slot in the slide in case I decided to put 3 small holes in the barrel. I never did. There are some good powders out there that require a pretty full case to make major. I'd try 115g bullets before I put holes in the barrel. They shoot flatter than the 124's and I don't mind the extra noise and the hit in the hand. Good luck
  6. Now my .02 on dies. I've always used the Lee 4 die set. I've never had any of the reputed problems that have come up with different dies in both 9mm and .40. The Lee's are cheap enough that I keep 2 tool heads for my 9major loads, one for 124's and one for 115's. Once they are set up, I've never had to doink around with them. I used the EGW U die in .40 for 6 months and put it back in the box. The standard Lee dies work better for me. The only rejections that I get are from high primers and that's from crappy brass not the dies. FWIW- I spend a lot of time setting up a new tool head with dies. Looking very closely at everything with a bright light. I think that hasty setups are causing more problems than the die manufacturers. Tom- If you just have to get the EGW die, shoot me a PM. I don't need it.
  7. That is the most killer looking steel gun that I've seen. Who built it????????????
  8. This is totally untrue. We've had this discussion a lot. I've called Lee and spoke to their technicians and I've also spoke with EGW. George Smith posted the truth about the die. Here's the Link From the source: Hi all, last time I was invited here was about the mag gage, the outrage about the pricing till someone found out that the material was pretty pricy and anodizing cost money, and that we did it from the start for the good of the sport. EGW offers is not EGW MANUFACTURES.... About 16 years ago John Lee and I worked on a couple things. I wanted to use the press and dies, ended up with just the dies but by now we have sold over 5000 U dies in super, 40,9, and 45 They are made to our spec. the flat has a U stamped on it, and a special die (we order 50 at a time) that saves your bacon and is quite a bit cheaper than a roll sizer. Every Time Todd Jarret has a class we sell half a dozen in the area he was last. What they cost? last time I checked we were a for profit corp. You guys know what Bill Wilson Pays for a magazine? didn't think so. I bet he aint tellin smile.gif Thank you to the positives that chimed in. I appreciate you guys!!! Very Much. Ironically we make Doug's hammers, and Doug does come in sometimes and grind the flats or notches to get an order out to Brownells. Caspian Does have there Frames cast by a Ruger company, the cast every day and from a guy that welds gun at least twice a week and has 500x pictures of many different materials Caspian has some of the best castings in the world. George Smith (not some nameless call tag) EGW inc 48 N Belmont ave Quakertown Pa 18951 www.egw-guns.com, check out our new shopping cart the dies are listed there and you can order 24 hrs a day. again, to the faithful, I appreciate you guys. and to the guy that directed me here, thank you! geo
  9. Take a look at Gans website. He really mills the hell out of a slide. Gans Guns
  10. Try out a 9 or10# spring. When I was dialing in my open gun I went from 11 down to 7. With major loads I started to get muzzle flip when the slide hit then end of its travel. FWIW, I use a 7# spring for my steel loads and a 9# for major. As stated, the 115g bullets shoot flatter. They need more gas to make major and work the comp better. They are a little harder hitting in the hand, but the dot says in the center of the glass more. (Not snappier, but harder and flatter) If you can find IMR-4756, its slower and makes more gas and will fit in a super case. Good luck. PS- Your primers look like sh!t. Especially the one on the bottom left (smeared flat is bad). Lots of flow back into the firing pin tunnel. You should check them again on the chrono. The brass is getting beat up too. Don't try SP primers, they will be worse!! I would back up and rethink everything that is going on in my load. Keep the info coming. Edited because OP was posting photos
  11. Get a Benelli, put an extension tube on it and go burn 'em down. Send it to Benny if you need it to load faster. I wish someone had talked me out of the 1100 that I bought and sold.
  12. I haven't tried a Scotch that I didn't like. Some are more notable than others. Lagavulin is awesome. Highland Park is one of my favorites. Bob- As long as your in Baltimore, you should stop in to Birds of a Feather. 1712 Aliceanna in Fells Point. They had 70 or so bottles of Scotch behind the bar last time I was there. There food is excellent as well. Lots of wild game that you wouldn't see any where else.
  13. I've shot 9 cases of 115g CMJs with no problems. Used for steel and major loads. They load great and are super accurate. I have small children and no interest in exposed lead bullets. FWIW- I load all of my 9major to 1.175". I measured a lot of bullets trying to find the best combination while my gun was being built. The CMJ's are .561" long and the JHP's are .550". The 121g IFP is .569" long. The little bit of added length gives you a little more bullet in the case. In comparison a 124g CMJ is .590" When loading long for 9mm you need all of the case tension that you can get.
  14. Here comes DP walking down the range with his new 6" thingy hanging out.
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