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Chris Buell Mag Pouches


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As a new shooter in USPSA Single-Stack Division (1911), last winter it became clear to me that I was going to need to carry about six magazines on my belt, plus one in the pocket. This is pretty common practice, I found out. What is also common practice is having to find a way to hang that many magazines on your belt so that you can reach them with your non-shooting hand, and not break the bank in the process.

My default source for holsters and pouches is Blade-Tech, they make excellent equipment. A typical double mag pouch from them costs about $55, and it takes up quite a bit of room: they are about 4 5/8" wide, so three of them takes up about 13 7/8" on the belt. So I would need three of these pouches plus a lot of room on the belt, at a total of about $175 including shipping. There must be a better way.

There is.

At a match in Albany, Oregon, I saw a shooter on my squad using some kind of Kydex pouches, designed for 1911 magazines, that took up a lot less room on the belt. They are made by a guy named Chris Buell, I was told. For a 1911 magazine, a single Chris Buell pouch is 1 5/8" wide, so the six that I would need will take up 9 3/4", which is a lot less real estate on the belt than the traditional 2-magazine pouch.

What you see in the following photo is six of his pouches, with the Velcro option which makes them stick (literally) to the outer belt of a competition setup. The six pouches cost a total of $75 shipped, including the Velcro option.

The pouches are made to order, in a specific belt size, for a specific magazine make and caliber, and they are made for left- or right-handed shooters. Quality is excellent, the material he uses is quite thick so it looks like it will provide long service.

I just ordered four pouches for use with my G21SF in Limited 10 Division, the total cost was $53. That's about a third of what the two-magazine pouches would cost, and these take up less room on the belt.

I've used the Buell pouches for several matches, and they are living up to my expectations in every way. I'm happy to endorse them, and Chris Buell. You will find him to be responsive, and prompt, and a person who sells his product at a fair price. Contact him at cbuell77@yahoo.com.


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