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Regular SP-01s come with FPB, not Shadow.

If your SP-01 is missing it, it may as well miss proper FPB lifter (and its spring) in sear cage, or even have non-B sear in there.

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Remove firing pin

Put PFB and FPB spring in the hole in the slide ( should be pretty obvious how it goes in )

Put FP and FP spring back in. You will need to slightly depress the FPB to get the FP in. The FP goes in with the notches facing up ( up being towards the top of the slide. ie: where the sights are ).

Replace the FP retaining pin.

This all assumes that the FPB lifter is in the Sear. If it is not, you will now not be able to shoot the gun! :surprise: So make sure the lifter is in there.

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Its a 75 spo1 custom the FPB was removed. I have the block and the two springs. Just need help putting them in

You will need to remove FP via removing cross pin in the slide below rear sight.

Then fit FPB and the spring while positioning FP with cutout up and FP slightly into its chamber WHILE driving cross pin into slide.

When installed correctly, FP wouldn't move forward unless you press FPB in.

Then, check sear cage for having FP lifter and spring. Lifter goes up when you pull trigger, and then gets put back down with its spring.

Just for some reference, check out this 'how-to':


It is much easier done rather than said, but you need to understand the idea and mechanics of it.

If and when re-assembling sear cage - go with FP lifter and its spring first; at least that's how I do it.

You are lucky it's not a decocking gun :) ha ha ha

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