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Benelli M2 tactical - sights


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Hello. I'm not a competetive shooter, just a casual collector. And not very knowledgable at that. So excuse me if I'm in the wrong place. I recently bought a Benelli M2 Tactical with 18" barrel and basic iron rifle-type sights. The gun is for home defense and occassional target practice. My question is, can the basic sights be removed and upgraded with high visibility night sites of some sort? I know what you're probably thinking: why bother? Well, the basic rifle sights are barely visible, and I would like to make just that one basic improvement. Couldn't hurt as far as I'm concerned. The rear sight looks to be adjustable, so I guess I could just replace the insert with 2-dot type. I think the front sight is referred to as a "blade" type. It looks to be welded on. Can a gunsmith just file it off and replace it? With what product? Thanks for your advice!

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Hi Viz makes a fiber optic front & rear sight set that I put on my Benelli. They're not night sights, but they show up quite well in low light. Cost: less than $50 & well worth the money. The front sight just sets on the rib in back of the standard front sight. Hope this helps.

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