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Is anyone accepting ammo shipments for the Nationals


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I'm shooting the Limited and Open Nationals but traveling solo, so i can only take enough ammo for one gun. Contemplating either having some of my ammo shipped up there or ordering some from Atlanta Arms or Precision Delta and having it shipped. American Shooters used to receive ammo when the Nationals were in Vegas. Anyone receiving ammo shipments for the match? Trying to avoid having the ammo shipped to my hotel; too many questions.

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Thanks for the info. As expensive as shipping is I don't think I have much of a choice. I usually take my wife with me to majors but due to our financial situation I'm going solo. Can only take 11lbs of ammo with me on the plane instead of 22.

Do you know if or when the USPSA match ammo service will be available for the Nationals? I went to the ordering page and there are no matches listed. It looks like it will be more cost effective to order match ammo vs. shipping it if its going to cost me $265 to ship a small box. This situation is just another reason why I'm beginning to hate living here. We get screwed every which way.

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