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McCormick Single-Stack 8-rd Followers & Springs


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Okay, I read all three threads in the compiled list and nothing there.

I'd like to GET a follower and spring for a MetalForm mag I have. Yes, I know that inside it's about .01 shorter than the ChMcC 8-rounders but I'd like to try it.

But before I start looking, are they even available for purchase anywhere?

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Okay, Brownell's has the 10-rd spring but no followers in stock.

Chip's website has both the 8-rd I want, specifically for fixed-baseplate mags, and the follower in a kit for $16. Not too bad. Just gotta check shipping now.

I tried shortening the existing follower, got 8 to fit, but the spring when cut to fit the smaller space just won't do it. So I'll just get professional help on this one.

Thanks! Had no idea whether they were available.

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Follow-up and FYI

Went to Chip McC's site and ordered an upgrade set--think that was the powerWhatever version combo spring and follower that was maybe $2-3 less than ordering a regular spring separately and a follower.

Both approaches worked just fine in separate formerly-7-round mags.

Mr. McCormick has reason to be quite satisfied with his products. I respect that he will sell me as much or as little as I wanna buy.

Thanks for pointing me there.

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