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Where to Buy Solo 1000 in #26 Kegs


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Grafs has them but you have to pick up in person. They don't ship them.

Yeap! I may be wrong to say this but I was under the impression that powder companies only sold the >8 lb kegs to folks with a commercial reloader license (Type 6 FFL).

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Grafs is a distributor to OEM manufacturers so they get the drums of 3031, 4895, Clays, Solo, etc. They won't show up on the consumer site, only the dealer site.

A friend and his father bought a drum of Ramshot TAC together and they shipped directly to their house. They bought directly from Western Powder (Ramshot Powder).

I know a guy that got his 06 FFL so he could buy the drums of powder cheap. He just has customers bring in their OEM canisters and resells it to them. Buy a keg of IMR 4895, when it's empty bring the canister to him and he'll put 8lbs of IMR 4895 from his drum into it and charge you by the pound. Basically a powder refilling service. He buys the drums for ~$10/lb and sells powder for $20/lb.

I'm not sure on the policy of the powder makers. I know that Hodgdon are jerks about it.

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