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Walked into the gun shop minutes after it opened to talk to the gunsmith and deliver the parts for the " Blinging of the Glock". Moments later a gentleman comes in to sell 10 guns. The ones I found interesting were a Colt Python, a Hi Standard Sport King, a GP100, S&W model 36 with the flat latch, a S&W 610, a S&W 17-4, a 10-5, a very old Springfield national match 45 plus some very expensive rigs for each gun. I walked away with the 610 and the 17-4. Wish I could have added the model 36 but I just couldn't swing it. Yes I passed on a Colt Python but I see those all the time but not a model 610 or a 17-4. Looks like summer is going to be fun.

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nice 610 is a rare bird what length barrel

It's 6 1/2 inches as best as I can determine but will measure it when it comes back from my gunsmith. A little trigger work is needed to get it match ready but its worth the wait to ensure an ultra smooth trigger. Still missing a model 28 for the collection though but I'm sure one will turn up sooner or later.

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