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Looking into 3 gun competion

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I shot IPSC in the late 1980s and early 1990's. Stopped shooting IPSC because the guy running the "show" was setting up unsafe courses of fire (having amateurs shooters move in such a manner to expose waiting competitors to them).

I decided to start shooting IDPA matches a couple of weeks ago and am officially bitten by the habit AGAIN!

My main pistol is a Para Ord P14 in 45 ACP. I spent a lot of money on it putting good parts into it: Dlask trigger, Wilson Combat hammer, sear, disconnector, extractor, ambi safety, extended slide release, Ed Brown beaver tail, ported, and reblued. It is a SWEET gun to shoot especially with a 4.5 pound trigger pull with no creep.

I want to get into 3 gun competition. BUT I have retinal detachment issues on both eyes so a high powered rifle or 12 gauge shotgun are OUT! My plan is to find a semi-auto 20 gauge shotgun. I haven't been able to put my hands on one, but I'd like to hold a Mossberg SA-20 Tactical in my hands and shoot it a little first before spending any money on it. The main thing is that the SA-20 is well within my budget. If any of you have a better idea for a 20 gauge shotgun, please feel free to voice your opinion!

I have two AR15s.

#1 I bought at Gander Mountain. It is a Smith & Wesson M&P AR15 in .223 which is a M4 platform. I have a 30 mm red dot scope on it. It doesn't have a flash suppressor on it as they are illegal in New Yuck State. I plan on putting a DNTC 223 muzzle brake on it though.

#2 is a M4 style with a 20" Model 1 sales bull barrel on it in .223 Rem. with a DNTC muzzle brake on the end of it. I have a 3X12X40mm scope on it and it is a tack driver.

I bought a Jonathan Arthur Ceneir .22LR conversion for them and LOVE it. It is quite accurate out to 100 yards which, IMHO, is reasonable for a .22LR round.

My next AR project is going to be to build a upper assembly in 300 AAC Blackout. I like the thought of NOT having to buy new magazines plus being able to use it to deer hunt in my home county of Delaware, NY.

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If you're going to buy a 20ga anyway I would go with an M2. If not you will end up wishing you did. I have no experience with the SA-20 but I have seen many shooters, including myself, give up on cheaper platforms and end up with the benelli. I have only seen the SA-20 with ghost ring sights, and have not seen a magazine tube extension, or really any aftermarket parts that would make it better for our game. Buy once, cry once has always been my motto.

As for rifles, I'd take the 16in gun with a red dot every time. You can shoot in Tac Irons, and the 1x will be way more useful than a 3x12. You will take many more shots inside 50m than you will beyond that range.

Welcome back to the sport! I tell everyone that is starting 3 gun that smoking crack would probably be a cheaper hobby, and its less addictive.

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Go with the MFG's that actually have support for them. Benelli is spendy but they have a lot of support for them. I run a 16 ar for three gun. On my side of the divide there aren't alot of super long range courses so dropping 40 fps won't break you.

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