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Uspsa in northern California

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I have seen many posts about how a new shooter introduces themselves with their location and we assist by listing some uspsa clubs that may be near them so they can go play the game. It got me thinking about how lucky I am to be in a uspsa rich area. Then I started thinking about how many matches are within a driving distance from me, matches per month and how many shooters attend them. So I grabbed my scratch pad and used April stats and I got this. 

These are my options to shoot. I have 9 uspsa matches I can shoot from 5 different clubs. In April's 9 matches we had 493 registered shooters. Actually this looked low because we definitely pick up activity in the summer.  

All are within 120 miles of me and I am on the edge of this radius of clubs. And this does not include the multi guns, steel challenge and idpa matches that also occur at these clubs. It's nice to live around so much activity and the competition is great. I have made many good friends over the years.




I have only seen this kind of participation in the Phoenix area but I am sure many other places have great scenes as well. 

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