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Buckmark Iron Sights


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Been doing some searching on the forums on what people use for iron sights on their Buckmark most of them use the stock sights or switched barrels that have the Tac Sol front sight already...

any body use the new Dawson Front sight with a Tac Sol Rail with adj sight?...thanks for any info you can provide on this and if this is a good combination.

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I have the Tac-Sol rail/sight combo and it is very nice (better than the stock rear sight), but I used it with the stock Buckmark FO front sight. I have since put a Burris FastFire III on the rail, and it makes a great setup.

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I have a second Buckmark I use as both a backup open gun and as an iron sight division gun at some matches. After trying a few sights and due to eyesight issues I went with a set of the Williams Firesight front and rear FO sights. Because the FO tubes and the sight notches are smaller than the other makers I like them alot better than the setup I had before which was a TS rail and a HiViz FO front sight. The sight picture is tighter and makes for more accurate shot sequences in my estimation. I have found that in bowling pin matches I can now shoot sub 4 second runs on 5 pins. The sight picture is now easier to maintain in transitions than before.

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