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EZ-winscore-parallels and blue tooth key-pad

Tom Mainus

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I am running ez score on my Mac tonight for the first time. I am running parallels, with windows Xp to run ez-score. I just have the standard keyboard without any number keypad. My wife has a bluetooth keypad that she uses on her macbook laptop. We can get it to work on my Mac desktop. But when I run ez-score through parallels, in windows it won't recognize the key pad. She tried a bunch of stuff, finding drivers on line etc... Just wondering if any of the Mac guys have run across this before and found a fix.


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I run on a 13 inch MacBook pro running VMware fusion with the wired apple keyboard with the keypad built in. I'd suggest trying a full USB keyboard and have it plugged in and re.cognized by os x before launching parallels and your, guest operating system.

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