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New Guy in Abilene, TX


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Hey ya'll

I am an avid shooter stationed at Dyess AFB and have wanted to get into competition shooting for a while and now that my son is almost two I'm looking forward to going to multi-gun and other competitions and meet some other shooters and learn some new things. Any advice ya'll have is more than welcome regarding training and equipment. I currently have my Spikes Tactical AR set up pretty well and my FN FNX is serving me well so far so I'm excited to get started.

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Thanks. I had a blast. I'm looking into getting a belt and some mag holders at least. Got to get the wife to sign off on it lol.

I still recommend the versa pouches.. Shooters supply has the best price on them I could find.

And it really is true "it's better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission." :ph34r:

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