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  1. brandrum

    best reloading press?

    well you obviously did a crappy job of setting it up if you had that many flipped primers. I believe that most problems that people have with their dillons are due to poor set up and not reading the manual. I would lay money on the fact that it was you and your friends fault and not the press.
  2. Moving to Co. in a month so I'm there. Can't wait. I'll be mailing off my app tomorrow.
  3. brandrum

    unconventional range bags?

    That's what I would do personally. I think they go for around $45.00. Well worth the extra cash...hell that's cheap anyways.
  4. brandrum

    unconventional range bags?

    http://www.academy.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_10051_33754_-1 on sale for $15.00
  5. Do what I did. Get the 650 and Just use strictly small primer 45 brass. Makes the conversion super fast and easy.
  6. brandrum

    Zen and the art of hitting stuff

    That's some good stuff right there. Printing and saving this.
  7. brandrum

    I am Boycotting Hatfield and McCoys

    A pastor said one time, I'm paraphrasing. " 3000 children died in Africa last month and none of you give a shit!!...and what's sad is that you're more worried about the fact that I said the word shit."
  8. Been debating if I want to get a powder check for my 650. What do you guy's think? Is it worth it? or would I be better off getting a powder check die?
  9. brandrum

    best reloading press?

    I've only owned Dillon's so I can't really say. But what I can tell you though, is after dealing with their customer service it's the only press I would own. Besides that, my 650 runs like a sewing machine. So I don't see why I would ever own a different press anyways...Unless to upgrade to a 1050.
  10. brandrum

    A slacker's guide to dry fire

    This guy right here...that's who...
  11. I'm venturing into the world of Single Stack and need a good/legal extended mag release for my Trojan 45. What would you guys recommend?
  12. brandrum

    Montana Gold Epiphany

    so far for me MG has the slowest shipping by far. No biggie I just know to order them before I really need them. WHAT?? I have been ordering from them for years and I have cases (yes, plural) at my doorstep within 4 to 5 days. Also, I'm on the East coast so that's incredibly fast considering that they are in CO. The only time they are slow is if they are out-of-stock, which is very rare. Well that hasn't been my experience. Usually receive my bullets within 7 to 10 day. Usually around the 10 day mark. I always get the confirmation directly also. Like I said not a big deal, just stating what my experience with their shipping has been.Edited to add that they do have excellent customer service.
  13. brandrum

    Montana Gold Epiphany

    so far for me MG has the slowest shipping by far. No biggie I just know to order them before I really need them.
  14. Thank you very much Charlie. Just what I needed. I appreciate it.
  15. Hey guys, the family and I will be in the Ft. Collins/Loveland area in July and I would really like to shoot a match or two while I'm there. Any info on matches I could attend would be greatly appreciated. I'm willing to travel an hour or two, so if you know of any in the surrounding areas that would be nice as well.