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Terry's March of Progress


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I've been shooting USPSA and IDPA for about a year now and it's time to start a range log to keep myself honest.

I've started a youtube channel with my video uploads


Over the next year I plan on working on the following:

Accuracy - The IDPA classifier I shot today made it painfully obvious that I need to learn how to shoot more accuractely. I was close to finishing as Expert in SSP but wound up dropping FIFTY points on the third string due to accuracy.

Functioning under stress - When I'm at the range my pulse is about 75 and I can easily shoot to a 20 yard target. When I'm on the clock my pulse is over 100 (I wear a heartrate monitoring watch) and my sights shake like crazy, making my long range accuracy crap.

Pistol manipulation - Need to get that "snap" in my draws and reloads

Speed - Last on my list. I can speed shoot all day long and get Cs and Ds. I need to develop my front sight focus so I can see As instead.

As I go practice and compete more, I will post more.

Until then, safe shooting.

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Welcome to the range diary. It's a great tool, glad you are using it.

Shot the IDPA classifier this weekend. Things I've noticed.

Turn and draw needs work. Support hand is free floating.

Need different sights on my glock. Currently I'm running TruGlo TFOs and while they are great sights for up close and very fast on the pickup, the rear notch is too small and the front sight is too big. At 20+ yards the front sight feels like a 2x4.

Currently in the market for a different sight solution. Perhaps Sevigny Comps or something that is Novak rear and a very thin front fiber.

Bought a timer. Going to dry fire like mad now that my weaknesses were shown to me in no unclear terms.

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Just shot my club's monthly USPSA match on Saturday.


Great club if you guys havn't been.

Thanks to Wilbert Spruell for recording.

Stage 1 Ideas for improvement

- Should have squared up on the first target from the start box. I thought hands on barricade = body facing barricade

- The two close targets in the middle should have been engaged when moving from the left to the right of the course

Stage 2 -

- Freestyle shows that my splits = my transitions. Probably should have faster splits.

- Strong hand was .1 seconds faster than my freestyle!

- I'm happy with my weak hand shooting, no misses.

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Stage 3 -
This was the worst stage of the day. I missed a 7 yard popper 5 times and added 10 seconds to my stage. Arrgh!

Stage 4 -
Simple stage, IMO my best stage of the day. First time I've ever shot a texas star clean!
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Stage 5
I think this was the best stage as far as technique is concerned. Cons was it was slow. The top people on my squad shot it in 18-21s, I took 28s. When I can run this stage in 20 seconds I know I'm getting somewhere.

Goals for next competition.

Change my dry fire routine. Need to set up stages in my house that allow me to move. I notice that my gun position is inconsistant between transitioning between target sets, I lower the gun out of my sightline instead of tucking it close to my body. My solution is to set up some COFs in my house so I can practice the big movements of moving and rotating for targets.

Other things would be to continue to work on my speed at getting an acceptable sight picture. Doing some reading, I think that I am blinking between shots because I don't see my sights track. I think I will get some contact lenses, I've heard that with the lenses covering the eyeball it inhibits that blink reflex. Also, I can't see a damn thing without glasses on so it would be nice to be able to make out where my shots hit instead of shooting at the center of various people shaped blobs.
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