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Deltapoint cut the same as ?


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Is a slide cut for a deltapoint the same as a jpoint? I've seen a few places that list the cut as jpoint/deltapoint. I was looking at a whole slide that was already cut for a red dot but the glockworks one I was looking at doesn't list deltapoint but does list jpoint.

Or is it the same as another cut?

Since I think I've committed to using a deltapoint on my glock.

Thank you for the time and help.

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Are the footprints the same too? Just to make sure.

Thank you for your help

I have an SV that came to me with a Optima2000 melted in. I replaced it with a Deltapoint (which I love BTW) and needed to have 1/32 more milled off the cut in the slide because the DP case was a tiny bit longer. it was so damn close I could taste it but that extra little bit kept it from dropping in because the factory milling was done to such tight tolorences. the Optima2000 is now sold as the JPoint but I can't say for sure if they changed the body of the sight in any way.

In truth I could have probably removed the extra material with a file and some time but my slide was milled with a slot, meaning some material was left on the back behind the sight, and that interfered with the adjustment lock screws on the DP. I had the smith take a little off the top of the material behind the sight, just enough so I could operate the lock screws.

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