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Revo ? About Stage 1 String 6 of Classifier

Flash Pan

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In the CoF description it says:

“(Load 3 rounds MAX. in pistol) Start back

to targets, turn and fire one (1) shot at each,

T1-T3, reload from slide lock and fire one

(1) shot at each, T1-T3.”

So for a revo, do I load six, fire 3, dump the rounds and reload or do I retain the loaded rounds and then do a reload?


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Someone correct me if I'm wrong (it's been a while since I've shot the classifier): You'll load 6 rounds prior to string 5, where you shoot 3 rounds weak hand only, so you'll start string 6 with 3 live and 3 empties in your gun. You can do a standard reload, then, since you'll only be dumping empties.


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