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Tanfoglio K45 & K22 Magazines


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Has anyone recently ordered either of these magazines directly from EAA?

From the moment I held the 45 magazine it felt "different" than the one that came with Elite Match pistol

(pistol manufactured late 2011)

I was convinced that it felt lighter, weighed it and it's exactly the same as the original at 3.5 oz.

Neither of these magazine stay in, they don't "click" into place.

You can push them all the way in and get them to seat flush, but you can pull them right out without engaging the magazine release.

Also, the K22 just look cheap and they don't come with a base plate??

Both the K22 & the K45 magazines are stamped Tanfoglio, made in Italy.

When I send these back odds are the same thing will happen all over again with an exchange, yes?

I read over a post here about Mecgar magazines, do they also make the correct fit in 45 & 22?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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I admit to new gun ignorance.

BOTH types of these magazines operate perfectly.

Apologies for my mistake.

Those K-series magazines ARE MecGar made mags. Search here for many posts on the new mags not fitting right in some guns. I think you just need to sand down the basepad.

Thanks for the suggestion and direction Nealio.

My 1st instinct is to return the magazines.

I was told at the time I bought them from EAA these magazines had recently come back into their stock.

So if Megcar makes these for Tanfoglio over in Italy, are the ones that I want that fit with no modifications from older stock?

What production time period should I be looking for?

Mid 2011?

Early 2011?

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