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plates video for critique


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I don't have a place to shoot plates often. I have shot them maybe ten separate occasions.

Anyway, I shot this video on my phone, by standing it up on the bench. As such, I am sure it's difficult to see everything. However, if you do happen to notice anything I am doing that is wring or looks odd, or needs improvement, I would certainly appreciate the critique.

Even a tip for which angle to video from (for best assessment) would help.

Thanks for your consideration and to flex$ for helping me to post.

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That FlexMonkey's a purty good feller, hain't he?

A view from farther to the side would be more helpful but it looked like pretty good shooting to me. When you bring up the pistol, do you extend then raise the pistol up to align the sights or do you raise it first then push it out as you align the sights (or were you already extended at the low ready)?

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Yes, that flex guy isn't half as bad as all the pm's told me he was. ;)

That is a good question. I think it is somewhere between the two.

The reason being is that I want to punch out (that is how I practice at home), but I don't want to be thought of as cheating, since it is supposed to be from low ready. So I try to point it down at the start, but bring my elbows in so I can punch out.

But you have me thinking now that I need to figure out a better way.

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