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How do you reload


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I am shooting a rem 1100 tac 2, I feel slow doing it. So I was wondering how the fast guys do it. how do you hold your SG to reload tucked under your strong side arm with weak hand. or held in your weak hand and stuff it with your strong hand.

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I'm just starting out but I got good reviews at my first match with tucking under the strong side and loading two at a time with my Carbon Arms FSL 12 units from my belt. I can manage decently with typical weak hand reloading (a la Kurt Miller and others), but I can go faster with the loading 2 from the FSL units, right now. That was shooting a Benelli SuperNova with no modifications except a teflon follower and a Nordic Components +4 tube and spring. My Remington Versa Max may be back this week from C-rums. Once it does, I'll have to see what method works for that. I'm hoping to do the same.

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