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Sympathetic Detonation


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Nevermind, got it:


Ammunition isn't usually packed loose from the factory for a number of reasons but many of us pour our reloads into ammo cans back and fourth "as if it were corn or something."

There have been documented cases of cartridges falling from a few feet and detonating or, objects as small as casings setting off live ammunition.

Here's my question - how prone is a cartridge to cook off if it is at room temperature and another cartridge detonates near it?

My scenario is this - you have a .30 cal can of 5.56 that is loosely packed. You drop it from waist level (or even down a flight of stairs :unsure: ) and one of those pointy bullets gets in line with a primer and goes off.

Is there a significant risk of a mass cook-off?

I am confident that a .30 cal can can contain many 5.56 rounds cooking off one at a time but should we really be packing our ammo loosely like many of us do?

If not - most of us have a bomb that's a few drops away from being a huge chunk of flying frag.

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