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Glock 34 Failure to Feed


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I recently had a round go bang in my Glock 34 and after the fact I found a crack in the frame. I got a new frame and I replaced the trigger bar as the plastic trigger was cracked. The extractor looked a little funny so I went ahead and replaced that as well. I have had many failure to feed malfunctions ever since i "fixed" the pistol. The barrel looks ok on the surface and the slide doesn't appear to have any damage.

I was wondering if I should go ahead and replace the barrel of if there is something else I should look into first.

Thank you,


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It would help to describe the failure in more detail. And is it mag specific?

I ran the same mags an ammo through my 17 which has the same springs and that gun had no issues.

It seemed the bullets would be pointed up just barly out of the mag. I will have to take a picture of it when I go I the range tomorrow.

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