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melting and re-blueing


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ThAts a very nice pistol. Any of e major houses can do that for you.

I would offer that you can easily remove the offending sharp edges yourself with a little fine sandpaper backed by a smooth hard surface and touch it up with a little 44-40 cold blue. If your shooting it at all you will get some holster wear. No need to pay for a reblue until it gets bad.

44-40 works pretty well. Another option is rust blue. Both solutions are available from Brownells. I use and like both for different jobs.

- john

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Where are you located? Are you looking for someone local or to send it off?

I live in Atlanta and it would be great if I could find somebody locally but I am willing to send the gun away to have it done correctly. I tried John Harrison but he is not taking new work at this time.

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