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Blade-tech pistol/rifle combo pouch

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Does anybody have any experiences with the blade-tech pistol/rifle combo mag carriers? They have room for an ar mag, with 2 pistol mag slots in front of it.

It seems like a decent way to save belt space since im only a 32". Was going to order some AR pouches but paused when I saw this option. The width and weight being far from my belt is somewhat of a concern.


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I have one, had it for roughly a year. It is nice for saving space on the belt. It does stick out a ways from the body and throws the weight out there. I would recommend put a belt keeper on both sides of it. I did my first "hula" dance at one of the first matches with it on a CR speed belt with no keepers. Luckily my pistol was in my hand when it happened.

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Not to turn this into another belt thread but Im not familiar with the keepers. This is my first setup and im hoping to start multi-gun at the start of the month (currently shooting IDPA). I was going to grab 2 of those combo packs, im not sure how many things ill need, but I dont mind overshooting a bit. If I have too much, I can use them as bribe material to get my friend involved. Currently I have:

Cr speed belt

3x 4x4 ap customs shell carriers

bladetech pro-series holster

bladetech 2x M&P mag carrier

So I have space on my belt to run separate rifle/pistol carriers, but I wanted to see what was favorable.

Thanks for the info

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