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  1. Great match. Went smoothly and got back home early on Sunday afternoon (8.5hr drive). I probably should've asked this before the match, but how does the prize system work, and how do you know if you've won? Thanks
  2. 1145fps remington gun club, 1 1/8th shot, if theres a tough target ive got 1300+fps stuff and then the turkey loads. I can run 900fps, but I dont bother except for fun. Seems like its more important to know the recoil impulse rather than reducing it by an amount, and I dont shoot enough 900fps to really tune myself in with it.
  3. Have you ever had issues with the "fallen clay doesnt count as a hit" rule? Im also curious how the "if a target is not set, shoot over it" plays into this.
  4. My syrac wasnt very good. Couldn't get anyone to help me or respond from their company either. My SLR rifleworks experience has been completely different from that.
  5. I just let the rain hit it. Ill case it when I can of course. When staging, if the rifle is staged muzzle down ill put an empty shotgun shell box over the back of the scope, or a sandwich bag I can peel off when I pick the rifle up. Just to keep water from pooling on the lense.
  6. The dot doesn't have to recover. You can keep it in view the whole time. When you fire the 2nd shot you can still see if the dot was on or off the target. I would never suggesting throwing 2 shots with 1 sight picture.
  7. Is it less than 1" across diagonally. I think if you are tuning this brake specifically, it will always outperform a random brake slapped on. Interesting thoughts on the PRI vs seekins, I use a seekins and was thinking about getting a PRI to play around with.
  8. I look at it the same way as I look at pistol springs. I used a standard spring and had a dip, so I put a lighter spring in. I tried the JP and the dip was worse. Its going to depends on a lot of factors like your setup, and how you hold the rifle.
  9. Hmm I cant tell you anything about an Xrail system, never messed with one.
  10. When you say Xrail, do you mean a 10-12 round mag tube, or a full blown Xrail? If its just the mag tube, did you replace the mag spring with a new/extended unit? Sometimes the shell release will not work, because it cannot overcome the force of the mag spring and shells pressing against it. It can be fixed by decreasing mag spring strength or by doing some file/polish work to the shell release where it contacts the shell. Poor release from the shell release can cause issues with the bolt hanging up or "locking back" prematurely. I would try to fix the first issue, and then work on the second later.
  11. How was the firearm being abandoned? In a bucket? On a table? If you abandon a firearm on a table, and its pointing downrange, and its loaded, and you walk in front of it, you are going to DQ. Now obviously, stages shouldnt be set up in a manner that would allow this, but people will sometimes do it when they shouldve used an appropriate dump tube. If the competitor dumps a firearm into a tube into an appropriate dump tube, then no, there is nothing stopping them from running circles around it or sprinting downrange. There is no requirement to unload the firearm, only that the firearm is either 1. Completely and totally unloaded, safety off or 3. Safety engaged. BTW, If you guys are running matches down there ill try to make one next year!
  12. Find a magnification you like for offhand shots, and get used to it. Ive heard many people complain about how they normally use X power but used X instead and couldnt get on target. Learn to deal with the wobble. It will always exist, no matter what you do. The more you learn how your body moves the easier it will be to predict. I cant say I agree with drawing figure 8's. If I could consciously draw shapes I would probably be better off just drawing my dot right to the target. Respect the trigger. It might not seem like it matters too much on an offhand target, but those small split seconds are enough to turn what looks like a hit into a miss. As far as standing position, I would just do whatever is comfortable. For 3 gun purposes I just hold the rifle in the same manner I would for any other rifle target.
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