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147 grain lead 9mm with WST


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I'm loading 4.1 behind 130s, so you might start at 3 grains and move up in .2 increments. I'm thinking I used 3.5 a couple years ago with 147s, but can't remember for certain and don't have it in my log book for some reason.

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3.5g wst, 147g rnfp with OAL of 1.13 produced stovepiping in my Springfield 1911 9mm. The same pistol is handling 124g with 4.0 231 pretty well with oal of 1.12 and. That later load won't make minor. I am going to try 3.8g on the wst with some at 1.12 and a batch at 1.13. There is sure conflicting data on this powder.

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