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A really dumb question... a pic of the internet---> CAD-->CAM/


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Hi all,

Yeah, a really dumb question especially since I don't know all the ins and outs of say photoshop or say Corel Draw....

If a particular item is photographed...say just flat where it is pretty much depicted as a 2 dimensional object, and then said pic is uploaded to the internet, could someone somewhere else do a right click save on the pic...

Then convert it say to some two color, black and white line drawing that easily crunches or converts it into a CAD file of some sort....then converted to G-code and sent to some CNC machine


if so, it seems to me that just uploading a pic to the internet is asking for intellectual property theft, and it would behoove a person to take the pic at some weird angle, that is not quite so two dimensional.

Just wondering....



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