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99-12 Take Your Choice Mandatory Reload


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Scenario: A shooter shoots t1-t3, reloads, shoots t4-t6, then realizes they need to take a makeup shot on t1-t3. Clearly they have to switch sides of the barricade, but is there another mandatory reload? I can see an argument either way.


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No, not specifically called for.....

One mandatory reload is required -- when first switching sides.....

Stage is comstock, so once that requirement is met and the first round is fired from the second side, anything goes....

That's how I read it as well, but thought I'd rather wrestle the alternate argument here than on the range Saturday.


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Engage only T1-T3 from the left side of the barricade

and only T4-T6 from the right side of the barricade.

OK..that covers from which side the shooter can shoot the specified targets. Sounds like that was fine.

Upon the start signal, from Box A engage only the appropriate

targets from one side of the barricade...

Shooter was OK here.

... then make a mandatory reload...

Shooter was OK here.

...and from Box A engage only the appropriate

targets from the remaining side of the barricade.

Shooter was OK here.

Then then made up shots, which is fine for Comstock. And, they didn't violate the first line of the Procedure.

Good to go.

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