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Where are all of the S&W rear sight blades?!


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So a couple of weeks ago I had my rear sight break and come apart on me on my 627.

I ordered one from S&W. It was showing in stock on their site, but a couple of days later, I recieved a card from them stating it is on backorder!

I have since tried several different vendors and all show the S&W sight blades as "out of stock".

Where the heck are all of the sight blades??

Does any one here know where I could find one? I'm going into wheelgun withdrawal here! I've actually had to revert to shooting the 1911 at matches... Oh, the horrors! :)

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Shoot! I didn't keep the old one with it being damaged and all. I assumed that they were a standard height.

When I ordered they had .132 and .142 (if I remember correctly). I assumed this was the notch width, and went with .142" figuring that a wider notch would let me pick up the front sight quicker.

If I measure my front sight, will that give you enough information?

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There are 5 standard heights ( excluding specials ). The different heights are required due to front sight height, barrel length and caliber (amount of recoil). The notches are all .125 wide and get deeper as the blade gets taller. The numbers are how tall the blade is, excluding the round part and stem at the bottom. Each individual sight blade may vary up or down a few thou. from the nominal size. They are not exact. There is black and white outline too. If you have a white outline and want plain black, you can turn it around so the white outline is facing forward. The plain black will then be the part you see.

I have a .138 I can send you. Most of the ones I have are about .150.

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