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Ammo Dimensions Pretty Good but Checking?

Steve D.

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After setting up the very nice Dillon dies in the Hornady LNL AP I am getting dummy rounds (no primer or powder) that are .001 to .002 Longer than Reloading Book of 1.245" and Crimp Dimension of .0005 to .001 Smaller than the recommended .473"

When I knock them out in the inertial "hammer" puller there are NO signs of the bullets being creased, compressed or showing a ring where crimped. All bullet-sides calipers out at .451 after pulling...

These dummy rounds drop right into the Dillon Chamber Gage and headspace the same or a tiny-bit lower than American Eagle new.

The bullets are 200 FMJ-CT HAP Hornadys. Looking forward to nice round holes instead of years of "Hard-Ball"... Will be shooting in HK-USP. I think I will start with Bullseye and do-up 50 each in 3 different charge weights to see how things feel and fly.

Any ccomments on the Dimensions Above would be great.

Thanks, Steve

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Unless you are pushing the extremes of OAL such that bullets are jamming inside your magazine, +/- 0.002 difference in OAL shouldn't matter for the distances that we are shooting targets at with a pistol.

As for crimp, I used to be paranoid about crimp width, until a very experienced reloader told me that all that matters is that: the bell is removed and you get a straight wall again; and that the crimp is tight enough that the bullet isn't setback into the case if you are pushing on the bullet against a table. Of course he was vague about how much weight was pushing against the bullet. :lol:

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I would assume, being that short, that they fit in your mags ok, but, not knowing how deep your chamber is, or, the exact ogive of the bullet, I'd do the "plunk" test, with the barrel to see just how long you CAN go with any particular bullet, just to make sure you're NOT in to the lands of the rifling. :cheers:

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