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Recoil and Watching Sights


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Fairly new USPSA shooter here. While practicing, I have been playing around with different recoil springs and ammo. I shoot production and started off shooting 115 gr WWB. That combined with the stock 17 lb recoil spring results in pretty snappy recoil. Recently I have been playing around with a 15 lb recoil spring and 147 gr loads that have a lighter feeling recoil. While I like the feel of the new combination, I am not sure I don't shoot better with the WWB and 17 lb spring. I am still experimenting with this, but while practicing today it appeared that the higher the sight lifted off, the easier it was for me to pick it up and get it back on target while shooting at speed. Anyone else ever experienced this?

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There has been a lot of discussion here about "snappy 115's and 124's"

vs "pushy 147's" and people either prefer one or the other (not sure

many like the 115's though??

Seems they like 124's or 147's (with a few 130, 135 and 160's thrown in).

Just personal - up to you to decide.

The experts say it should depend more on The Timer than personal

observation - try a string with each using a timer and target, and

see which is faster for you in your gun.

And, I think most shooters are running even lighter springs than the

17 or 15 pounders you mentioned - more like 12 - 13 lb.

Good luck with The Quest for The Perfect load. It's a lifelong quest:)


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