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Following from this topic/post ---> Online Front Sight

I thought I would give it a try on my web-site. I had the article from January/February Front Sight about the first part of the Womens Nationals as a PDF document. But I wanted to try and expand upon it with some links/videos.

Its hard to do that and maintain a PDF version so I redid the article, it is here ---> CLICK

Some key changes

  • Some shooters now have hot-links to their web-sites or Facebook pages
  • There is a link to my Video and Images pages for this match
  • There is a link to the USPSA Match results for this match
  • A couple of shooters have their USPSA numbers listed, click on those and it shows their classifier record (not sure if we need this or not)
  • Some images now have a small 'PLAY' icon, click those images and a video of that shooter pops up in a window
  • The black buttons will scroll up and down to the relevant divisions

I'm going to try and do the same thing for the remainder of the Nationals article in March and maybe some other editions in the future,

Perhaps some product reviews with video demo's, other match articles, namely the Noveske MultiGun, Single Stack Nationals and maybe the Double Tap in Texas. I may add some interviews in later with option to watch the interview as a video as well as the written word.

I'm interested in any constructive ideas that may improve this.

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I thought the Women's Nationals was a great article. It was nice to be able to put a face with a name and even better to get to watch them shoot in the videos. It kind of reminded me of the newspaper in the Harry Potter movies. Good bit of magic, old chap! :cheers:

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