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.650 round ball slugs?


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I see 2 different brands for sale..(fairly cheap)...I would imagine it to be not to be the most accurate. What's your experience? OR what slug seems to be accurate/functional in your auto shotgun? I'm not looking for 1600 fps, shoulder busters. Am I correct that the Remington low recoil is a winner?.... Also see "rifled slugs" for smooth bore guns??? My neighbor's cat knows more about shotgun slugs than I do...I want to buy something that will do the steel in. Yes, I know there is no magic bullet.

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The Noblesport work fine out to about 50 yards or so provided you are trying to hit a 12" or larger target. For big match use, may not be a good idea. I shoot them in local matches.

Try the Rem, Win, Fed low recoil slugs with all of your chokes to see how they pattern at 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards.

Rem in Win seem to be the best for me, but you really should try them in your guns with your chokes.

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The Fiocchi slugs work really well out of my Saiga. You really have to try everything. For some reason my saiga wont shoot the REM slug to save its life but my SX2 loves them. Slugs are a fickle mistress :)

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