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CZ TS slide stop broken


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I would like to ask small question

I shoot IPSC Standard Major - I have 2 CZ-TS pistols and I enjoj them very much

One of them is 40SW second is 9x19.

I shoot trough the Major 40 SW gun exactly 5000 rounds ( I keep records of ammo used, amount and date).

Out these 5K About 2K of Sellor Bellot (factory) 180 gr and 2000- Magtch 180 gr ( again factory loads).

The Magtech ammo was 40B and not the 40-PS ( which are stronger one)

So after 5000 round my Slide stop has broken and I had it replaced with another one. I have shot another 700 ( 7 hundred) rounds and the brand-new slide stop broke again...

The braking point is exactly in the middle of he body ( exactly in the middle under the barrel RAMP)

What could be an issue ?

You will notice that the slide stop has been rounded at the pedal-pin contact - that is for the tumb rest to fit. But the braking point is not there- it is in the middle

thank you and regards from Israel

See you at the range

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Asimone: This is a fairly common problem with the CZ75/EAA guns. Although I have not shot one in many years....I did shoot my way to Master Class with a Springfield P9 and a lot of help from Rob, Brian and others.

Shooting major loads simply broke the slide stops like you are experiencing. An Indiana company made some tool steel units back in the early 90's. The best thing I would recommend is to have some spares and treat them as a time/round count item. I would put a brand new one in for a couple of practice sessions then set it aside and marked in my range bag to use in the next big match I was going to shoot.

Still the best darn feeling gun in my hand I have ever owned.

HTH: Phil

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thank you sir for detailed explanations

What I did from my side is to show the parts to proffesional metal engenir. HE told me that this specific Slide stop after beeing heated was cooled off "not completely", he explained me about the color at the broken end.

I will keep few spares

The thing is that it suppose to hold on more than 2K rounds. This specific slide stop - only 600...

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600 seems pretty low.

I'd look inside the kidney shaped hole that the slide stop goes into to make sure that it is still clean and smooth. I'd also verify the fit of the barrel to the slide and make sure there is no damage or obstructions on the lugs, or the channels that hold the lugs.

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While the slide stops in the Tactical Sports do have a history of failing, this normally is after many, many more rounds than you are experiencing. I have more than 60,000 rounds at major power factor on mine and have replaced the slide stop once somewhere around 30-40,000 just because I knew they would fail at some point. Hopefully you just have had two slide stops that were defective. If not I think you may have other issues with the gun that are breaking the slide stops. As Skydiver said I would look at the hole in the underlug of the barrel that the slide stop goes through to be sure it does not have any irregularities.

Good luck to you. This really is a great pistol.

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