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I bought a few of these 1030's last year for all of my Rudy's and they are awesome! We all spend a good bit of money on quality shooting glasses, so why not get a super turbo case for them? It seems to hold all of the different brands and styles that I've placed in it. I have used Pelican cases for years to hold my surveying instruments and laptops while I am in the field and they are nearly indestrucable. I may try driving over one of these 1030's just to see if it can handle it. :devil: I'll post video if I do...

I am not affiliated with Pelican in anyway, I am just pointing out a cool product. :)

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Ok, that's all well and good, now what's the bike? :D

Edit: OK on topic - what would one offer over the stock Rudy case? The one that came with mine seems plenty beefy, and will hold like 5 spare lenses...

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