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Accurate No. 5 Chronographed


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I had the chance to use a chronograph for a nice shooting load in 9x19 that is very accurate. The temperature outside was 51 degrees and the barrel I was shooting measures 3.5" in length. I set up the chrony 10 feet away from muzzle to the first sensor.

Powder Accurate No. 5

Charge 6.2 grains

Case Winchester 9x19

Bullet Hornady 124 gr XTP HP

Primer CCI-500

COAL 1.075"

No Crimp

Five shot group

1034 FPS

1035 FPS

1035 FPS

1031 FPS

1036 FPS

All shots touched each other with 2 going through the same hole. Brass cases just laid down about 3 feet to my right. Recoil was modest and muzzle report was quiet. I was satisfied with this load. I also used Winchester small primers but velocity dropped 20 fps and bumping charge weight .2 grains brought it back up but accuracy started to wane. I really wanted to get 1100 fps out of the 3.5" barrel but I just couldn't get the load there without going too overpressure and losing accuracy to powders that can get there a lot easier.

For sh*ts I chronoed' Winchester white box 9mm 115 grain fmj and was consistently getting around 1030 fps out of the same 3.5" barrel. It was very accurate as well.

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The velocities are remarkably similar:)

I've done that a few times, with the first

five rounds being all the same, but by the

time I shot an additional 15 rounds thru the

chrono, I get some more dispersion.

Same with a 5 shot group - every once in a

while I get a remarkable 5-shot group (I

have some hanging on my wall over the past

25 years), but when I fire a 12 - 18 round

group, I usually get more dispersion.

Sounds like you have a great load there for

your gun - but you might want to run some

more rounds thru the chrono and the target

to see the true picture.

Good luck,


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