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Surefire G2Z Stippled


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I have been joining the masses when it comes to grip stippling. And have found a pattern and technique that ressembles "sand paper" or "grip tape"... I ran out of guns I can practice on, so I moved on to my Surefire G2Z :)

Stippling the tail cap really allows a firm grip, both during shooting and while removing/turning on from the pouch. The shaft I on the fence about. However it looks "nice" IMO..

Will be giving this a try at S&W Indoor Nationals :)


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what are the rules for flashlight placement? Do they have to be in a pouch? pocket? concealed? open?

I do not know the COF for 2012. The starting position could be just about anything form on your person to in a nightstand.

For placement on your body Im sure a debate could be had, however a fairly recent article in the Tactical Journal comments that flashlights are a commonly open carried item on a daily basis. And sugest concealment is not required for flashlights. Pouches and pockets are the most common method of carry in a match.

No doubt it will come down to the stage description and how the SO views the rule book and how the stage is written. I plan on focusing on the shooting aspect of the match and look forward to a good time:)

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So there is no general match-wide rule about flashlights? Just specifics for each stage?

There's no limitation in the IDPA rule book about where you can have your flashlight (other than not having a weapon-mounted light). The stage designer may (or may not) require a particular starting position for the flashlight. Typically, the stage either requires it to be out on a prop (e.g., a table) or on your body (e.g., in a holder on your belt, in a pocket, etc.), with nothing more specific than that.

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