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Howdy from TEXAS


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Greetings from the great state of TEXAS!

I joined the forum today because I'm interested at getting better with competitive pistol and rifle shooting.

Most of the shooting I've done in the last year has been with a Kimber Custom CDPII. Recently I sold an XDm45 and purchased a Gen3 Glock 17 RTF2.

My experience with reloading 45ACP has been positive and I even went so far as to cast my own hard lead bullets. Casting and reloading 9mm is next on my list. My lead is quite hard with a BHN of 21. I'm hoping to cast and reload for the Glock successfully.

So the first thing I'm looking for is a recipe for reduced recoil 9mm Glock 17 with a stock recoil spring. Components: 124gr Lee RNTL hard cast bullet, sized down to .356, mixed range brass, CCI primers, 700x or Unique powder. I'm going to start looking right now.

Merry Christmas to all!

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Welcome to the Forums.. cheers.gif

If you are not married to the powders you have listed there are many that are ..perhaps..better.

Try a search in the 9 mm/38 section of the reloading forum. Use "best powder"

Tried to link you but having some problems.....dry.gif Sorry....

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If you are ever interested in Cowboy action Shooting check out

our web page Texas Ten Horns .com -We are located in Greenville Texas.

We shoot 2 times every month.I am the prez of the club They call me Diablo.

besides cowboy guns we are starting to shoot 3 gun Wild Bunch matches with the 1911,

1897 winchester pump.and 40cal lever rifle.

Good Shooting

Diablo-the Zen Cowboy

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