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Need help CEDM2 battery pack charger

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I got a complete CEDM2 set (used) with all the extra's for my last birthday. There is only one thing missing the charger for the battery pack. I do have the adapter but on some ranges there is no outlet to hook it up. Could someone give me the specs for the charger so I can get an aftermarket charger?

I appreciate the help.

best regards,


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From looking at the pictures, the battery pack is 10 NiMh cells, assuming they are wired in series, you need a charger that put's out about 12 volts. (10 x 1.2V = 12v) You would safe buying a charger with around 1000ma (1 amp) to 2000ma (2 amp) output.

I would reccomend going to using an RC car charger, they can be run off of your car battery and can charge various number of cells and the output is adjustable.

In my past life I was a product developement engineer for an RC company for about 8 years so I'm confident a charger within those specs would work correctly.

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