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So frigging sore...

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Thought I'd sign me and my 8 year old son up for Taekwondo classes. I've always wanted to give it a shot and they say its awesome for young boys who have tons of energy and no outlet. Little background on me.. I'm SUPER lazy and smoke a pack a day or sometimes more. I'm not overweight just, lazy. LOL. First class was this past Tuesday and the Master had decided that day was strenuous workout day rather than Taekwondo day. We'd sit in whats called a horse stance and throw punches, kicks, and blocks. Then after every string he'd have us do 10 push ups, then more kicks and punches then 15 pushups and so forth for an hour. By the end my arms and legs were shaking, I felt like I was gonna die HAHA! I knew I'd be sore but, NOTHING like I am right now. I took my Dad's advice and soaked in a hot tub with Epsom Salt and some Iso-Blu alcohol which helped a bit.

The thing that really sucks is we have another hour class today in about 5 hours. Though I do have to say when I was laying on my back staring at the ceiling the workout felt good even though I was spent 100%. I believe I'll keep trying to push myself with this sport and try to kick the smoking habit through training and workouts. The instructor has been instructing since 1977 and is very well known around the south. His name if anyone is wondering is Oliver Miller.

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