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BE Challenge


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So, I have been a lurker for a few years. Since being a member the "donations" box has always messed with my head a bit...

I am a firm believer that nothing in life is free. Although, I have come to this site and "received" huge amounts of data without being asked for anything.

IF, I had asked someone to teach me the knowledge that I have found on this forum, I would have spent a lot...

I just made a donation to this forum because, if this site shut down tomorrow, I would be lost...

I challenge those of you that enjoy and learn from this forum to donate (what you can) and respond to this thread with "thank you" after your donation. Thanks to all that support this great community to make it happen!

For those that contribute daily, Thank You!

ps..I do not know BE personally. I just want to help him, help us.


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